I have a net spend account. I am currenlty working in the Dominican Republic and need to deposit my pay check so obviuosly I cannot be there to do it my self, My Fiance is on the account with me and they still wont let her do it.

So what the ***.Now I have to wait 30 days until I get back to cash 3 $4000 checks.

This is ***.What am I supposd to?I have bills to pay online. Ive had an account with them for a while now, I am in the store every weekend and speak to the same girl every time and she never remembers me, what a bunch of morons

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Ace cash express does not just deposit checks onto a netspend card. The check must first be cashed then loaded onto the card and it doesn't matter that your fiance is on your netspend card acct, if her name is not the one on the check than they can't cash it.

That would be considered a 3rd party check and they don't cash those... And the teller has no idea whether that person is really allowed to cash that check, what if she was really an ex-gf and was stealing these checks from your mailbox and bringing them in to cash.... then you come in yelling at them for cashing them for her when it was your money and now you want them to pay you back...It is a saftey feature to protect the true owner of the check...



No third party check free direct deposit with netspend


It is Illegal for us to cash your checks like that. We have to have BOTH parties in front of us. Its not polite for you to call people, who are doing their jobs, mind you, morons.

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