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On veterans day I was given a personal check for 100.00 dollars and I took it to Ace to cash it. The teller ran it through their verifier machine and cashed it minus the 4.00 check cashing fee.

Today Nov. 26 I received a letter in the mail saying that I owe Ace a 125.00 dollars for that check because of "end" which I found out means closed account. How is that I am being charged for this when I had no idea that the account was closed.

It should be the one how had the account that should be paying this not me I believe. According to Ace its because I brought the check in to cash I have to pay it.

Monetary Loss: $125.

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next time go to the financial institution it is drawn off of, at mine it is free to cash personal checks for non-account holders.

They are right it is your responsibility to collect funds from the maker (person who wrote the check)but you do owe ACE, ACE will not go after the person who wrote the check they are going to go after you who will have to go after the person who gave you the check. but really most people never pay returned checks to places like that and money box and the money services businesses know that so they charge the fee to cover their loss exposure

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