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When i arrived at the store approached the window, first SHARON never greeted me, she said, "What do you want". I paused and looked at her and she twisted her lip and rolled her eyes like "What's the problem" I said, I have an account and want a debit card so she got me info and told her "I only want to put 10.00 on my card and am i going to get charged if i use it?" If you don't want to get charged call them and set up a plan so you don't.

I said, I don't want any plan." "I told her "i only what to make a $10.00 payment with this card." She said i don't know about any fees so she took my money and did not let me know about any fees associated with this card at all. I said "The card has the Ace Logo on it and you should know what you are selling." She said with an attidude "I don't know i don't work for net spend." I said you have an attidude problem." She said, "Yall come in here with one". I said i was fine before you started treating me like *** and If you don't like your job then quit and stop talking to your customers like you don't give a care." So i left home and I read it at home and found out i will get charged to use credit/debit and came back and to load $5.00 more on my card when i arrived again She was still looking at me mean and said i want to load $5.00 dollars more and she said it was $3.00 fee and i said, "You should have told me this when i first put money on her so i would'nt have to pay that". She said loudly to me it is $3.00.

I said out of fustration"Here is the fee sheet on yall's pamphlet for this card you are selling and you need to read to give customers the right information." I said "what is your name?" and she said "i am calling the police" and she did, so i took the number of the store and address and left. That was the most HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND TREATMENT to me as a customer and i think she should be fired because she does not represent yall professionally at ACE store.

On the corner of Victory and Antione. She has a BAD attitude.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ace Cash Express Prepaid Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $15.

Preferred solution: Fire her because she acts like this regularly. All you have to do is do mystery shops on her and act as if you are not satisfied with what she is saying and see if she is humble and curtious. She don't smile at all at her customers she talks mean and acts.

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Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1186348

Lol, this is ridiculous. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

So you get a terrible attitude because you perceive that someone may have an attitude with you, not that they actually did or said anything to you according to your review...only after you got ugly. Hmmmm. Is it possible it was all in your head. I can't imagine you being a very pleasant person or experience if someone calls the cops on you.

Lol wow. And no I don't work there or know anybody who does. I don't even live in Texas.

Lol what even is this nonsense? Humanity is doomed


Hello, Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for your poor experience with ACE

and want to better assist you.

Please contact us at with

your contact information and someone will reach out to you as soon as possible. Thank you!


Stop acting like a self-entitled *** that deserves to have the very ground you walk on worshiped by business employees

to Anonymous #1037580

What you said is ignorant and ridiculous. A person in customer service is PAID to provide SERVICE TO EVERYONE THAT ENTERS YOUR WORKPLACE.being polite and helping is YOUR JOB, and part of what you are hired for.

And decent customer service is part of what customers/tax payers pay for. It is not OPTIONAL.And it does not matter if the person you are serving is rude because it is still your JOB. Are you delusional?

Do you think people are just there because you're so fun to talk to? No!they are there to get something DONE and you are there to WORK.

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