I just received an email saying I owe, 856.49. I have never gotten a loan from Ace services or any other loan company!

And said I am going to be prosecuted by the United States district attorney. With this contact phone number +1 843 558 8300. The email also stated if found guilty I will owe over 4,000. I have never once got a loan from these people, very annoying!

And actually scary, when you first read the email, you get scared for no reason.

People are starting panic to me and probably others. Do not respond or give them money!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ace Cash Express Loan.

Reason of review: Scam emails .

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to ACECashExpress Bellevue, Washington, United States #998371

to dfuerst

1 minute agoDetails

I got a phone call claiming they were with ACS cash express and that I owe them and if I don't pay by money gram they were going to file charges which I knew this was a scam.

Claim she was an attorney Lisa Alvarez

1 (818) 962-0247

Lady name Tracy I believe call me from this number and had Lisa put on 3 way 1 (904) 999-8805

to ACECashExpress #1004279

I have recieved numerous calls from someone named Ron saying I owed I don't even know how much money but they refused to give me an actual phone number for the attorney that supposedly handling this bogus mess!!

to ACECashExpress San Diego, California, United States #1056206

who at ace cash express do we report this to????

Orlando, Florida, United States #996463

I just received an email from these people I am wanting to know if this is a scam or if this is real they are stating that I owe $845 and some change and that if found quilty I will have to pay over $4000 in court fines. Please help to find out if this is real or fake


They crazy and are probably trying to scam people out of money. Well that won't work on me. They can kick rocks!!


I just received an email from David Cooper, Ace Cash Services, demanding that I pay them $973.45.

The email claims that "you are going to be legally prosecuted in the Courthouse within couple of days".

If anyone is planning to prosecute anyone in a court, you would definitely get specific info.

as to what courthouse your case would be heard in. Also, the entire email is written poorly.

If you receive an email from them, ignore it or report them to the FBI for internet fraud.


Just received an email from Ace Cash Services informing me that I owe $1,050.50. I have never had an internet payday loan or any other payday loan.

Unless someone is using my identity, this is a scam. They should be prosecuted for attempting to intimidate.

New York, New York, United States #966496

Just saw an email from them say I owe them money don't know these people did not receive any money from them

San Diego, California, United States #957680

Report them to your state attorney general and the FTC. I received an email threatening a lawsuit, I replied stating I was eager to resolve the matter and sent them the phone number of the FTC fraud division (granted I told them it was my cell phone number). Have not heard back from them.

to Anonymous #1006925

So funny. In the last week I have received exact (almost) e-mails from ACE (A "David Cooper" - I chuckled and asked him what his REAL name was)...

...nonetheless, I was terrified!

The EXACT same things were told to me: "Documents seized," etc, etc. "I'd have to go to Court House."......And then I read your e-mail. When "David Cooper" asked me for my phone # I gave him FTC's.

The e-mails have stopped.

My suggestion: Reply with phone number(s) to the FTC! :-)

to Anonymous #1012545

My concern is that this person has my ssn and my routing number, how do I protect that info

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #953036

How can stop them from doing this??!?

Blakely, Georgia, United States #903614

I am having the SAME issue with them. I got a random email saying I am about to be prosecuted by the UNITED STATES ATTORNEY.

I got so upset. I then asked for some details or proof-- and this IS scary-- they game the last 4 digits of my ssn and the last 4 digits of my bank account number BUT the wrong bank name. I have never gotten a loan from them but they are very persistent.

It is both annoying and scary. Can they be stopped?

to Anonymous Aston, Pennsylvania, United States #909670

Forward a copy of the email to the Better Business Bureau and the state Attorney Generals office, they are very familiar with these people, they are *** bags and have been sued several times.

to Anonymous #991203

I got the same email is this.real or.a.scam

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