I just received an email saying I owe, 856.49. I have never gotten a loan from Ace services or any other loan company!

And said I am going to be prosecuted by the United States district attorney. With this contact phone number +1 843 558 8300. The email also stated if found guilty I will owe over 4,000. I have never once got a loan from these people, very annoying!

And actually scary, when you first read the email, you get scared for no reason.

People are starting panic to me and probably others. Do not respond or give them money!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ace Cash Express Loan.

Reason of review: Scam emails .

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I have received the same scam email several times, even threatening jail time!


Oh and they want me to send payment through moneygram i knew this was a scam right there


Im still receiving those emails from ace cash services saying i owe 600 now i did put in loan but when i did it takes to another provider and i never got approved for the money why am im paying for something i never took out

Winnemucca, Nevada, United States #1018137

I just receive an email I owe 270.50 and I was to get a pay pal debit card and pay the then another email saying I owe 1050. both from ace cash William Chen Law enforcement of Ace and will not give me a contact number or address is this a scam


I also go one but did not know if it was real so i respond some of my info matched. So i phone ace cash and they said my name was never in there system.

So I wrote back and still more of my info came back one on mistake they made was they said i had the funds in august 2015 for account that was not open until September of that year and also my address and employer were wrong and they were using a gmail address come on if this was a real company they would not be sending out emails like that they would sending a letter to your address.


I received an email from them today as well, telling me to settle my account, which I never had with them smh!


just got a email from Ace Cash Services saying i owe them 3931.08 and that they are taking me to court, phone number (347) 719-1927 Department of Law & Enforcement(ACS)

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to Anonymous #1011184

I just got the same email saying that I also owe EXACTLY $3931.08. So, this is obviously a scam that is slightly scary.

to Anonymous #1016591

I just got the same email!! I'm going to turn it over to law enforcement.


They are harassing me. Saying I owed a payday loan and I had to go and send money through an unsecured green card visa. He says if I don't pay I will owe 4678,00.

to Anonymous #1024493

These Camel Jockeys are full of ***!!! I call them up and tell them to go back to Pakistan & to "Go *** themselves"


to Anonymous San Diego, California, United States #1056204

Shouldnt we be worried they have our complete social security number how did they get that and my work number did you report it to anyone????


yep. Just got 3 emails saying I owe money.

I've been dealing with this for over a year. I'm so annoyed

to Anonymous #1031437

I've been dealing with these scammers for the past two years.They are getting a little scary though because they know the name of my bank.I have told them that I am turning everything over to the police .I am also contacting my bank.


I just got the same thing and when I called the number and was talking to him he hung up on me and no he won't answer the phone


I just dealt with the same thing. I have been emailing back and forth with this individual and the first email was very by the book.

Once I responded his emails were not professional and had no grammar or punctuation. He claimed to not do any payment arrangements over a phone call I told him to pound sand and call me. I called the company he claimed to work with and they have no record

of me or my husband. I emailed him

and told him to call me he called and refused to pay and insisted he give me all contact information case numbers and the name of the person handling my account.

He hung up on me and proceeded to email me again threatening court this is the Tamil I send back to him

Fine by me *** bring it on. I've already reported you to the better business bureau and the soda springs police department has your phone number and the 2 email address you sent and the email of the person your were originally trying to get ahold of. I have also contacted my bank and blocked all activity going in and out. I also contacted ace cash express and made them aware of what was going on.

According to Sarah the representative I spoke with they have no record of me on file. Nice try *** but you don't scare me. I will also be posting the *** out of all our correspondence on social media and Google Amazon bing and any other internet site I can find. Go *** your self and get a *** job you lazy *** mother *** thief!

Have a great day

Do not give any information to anybody who claimes you owe money and. An only make arrangements via email!!!!

to Detective 1980 Mission Viejo, California, United States #1005925

I just received the same email! Never heard of this company nor dealt with them! Some one needs to stop them!

to Detective 1980 #1010795

I just did the same thing. Laid them out.

It won't pretty. And I begged them to take me to court.

I don't owe ***. Except my *** car payment.


aceincorporationdeptt@gmail.com these jerks emailed me the same thing.. hope they get caught!

Irving, Texas, United States #998117
Ace Cash Express Verified Representative

ACE is aware of fraudulent emails from individuals claiming to be from ACE Cash Express. These emails may be threatening in nature and may demand payment for unpaid debts.

They may mention legal action, jail time, and action taken regarding your social security number. In reality, these are fraudulent attempts to solicit money from you, and they are NOT from ACE Cash Express. We’d appreciate your cooperation in preventing this situation from happening to other consumers.

Please contact me directly at dfuerst@acecashexpress.com to provide additional information that will assist us in our endeavor to put a stop to this type of fraud. Thank you!

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