I just received an email saying I owe, 856.49. I have never gotten a loan from Ace services or any other loan company!

And said I am going to be prosecuted by the United States district attorney. With this contact phone number +1 843 558 8300. The email also stated if found guilty I will owe over 4,000. I have never once got a loan from these people, very annoying!

And actually scary, when you first read the email, you get scared for no reason.

People are starting panic to me and probably others. Do not respond or give them money!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ace Cash Express Loan.

Reason of review: Scam emails .

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They tell me they have been trying tp call me but the number they are using was changed because they kept calling that number. I pissed them off so much after confirming with the load company (I think they used a different company name in 2016) that they told me to "f#@k off". LOL


I have been receiving these scam emails for years!!! I forward them to spam@uce.gov but I don't know if they're doing anything with them!!!


these people should have real attorneys after them. they are ridiculous and hopefully no one falls for the scam.

It's best to keep the email but do not respond to them.


Ace cash express approved for 5000 is a complete scam do not fall for that trapp they send you an approval then they make you believe that it’s leggit ,then they ask you to go to western union or w

They ask you to buy a gift card for I tunes then call them to give them the card number

They are scammers don’t believe them.


I'm getting the same email right as we speak..

Nashville, Tennessee, United States #1344140

I got the same email

Blountsville, Alabama, United States #1293026

I am getting the same email from Kevin Park with Ace cash loan saying I owe money. I went to MY district Attorney as I work for the court system and she advised me to tell them to send something through the United States Postal Service.....I have received thousands of emails from this person and I respond with just that and have yet to receive anything in the mail. ts fake do not send nothing!!

to Anonymous Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1300541

And I will add that the term "warrant" is a criminal term. This would be a civil matter.

So, you'd be served with a notice of intent to file suit.

This would be under $5,000...So it would be filed with a magistrate. The paper would start with, "You have been sued in Court..."

And on a case this small, you'd likely be given ample chance to resolve it before a judgement is entered against you.

Midland, Texas, United States #1236021

This email is to notify you that this case has been forwarded to the court house by Monday as you have failed to make the payment as per the agreement, Kindly find the attached warrant which has been issued against your name By Monday morning November 7th 2016 at 11.00 AM (EST).

Your court house reference case number is # AK 03 SDA-20300511which is under the hand of court house attorney Mr. Daniel Croger.

Defaulter Information:

Christopher Thompson,

CUSTOMER ID #: 245498762

CASE FILE #: M-0304-SI-WC-238 PAST DUE AMOUNT - $856.24 CREDITOR – ACE INC This case was filed under fraudulent section (C) chapter 19 into the court house and will be executed as per our earliest convenience in order to pay off this account under the guidance of court house.

Important Note: Your SSN is no longer eligible to apply for any credit or loan thru any lender in the United States.

Kindly make sure to have all necessary documents into the court house on the court house date which will be delivered to you thru court house within two to three business days. Kindly email us immediately to make the payment in order to hold this case or for any other assistance if required.

to Anonymous Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1300539

See...This is a B.S. email with no meaning at all.

First, they are quoting a section of law that has NOTHING to do with the matter. Second, they can't block your SSN from applying for an account or credit. Third, they can't just execute an action against you without a proper hearing before a judge. If this was true, it would be violating your first, fourth, fifteenth, and other amendments per the Constitution of the United States.

You'd be able to sue until *** froze over and walk away a multi-billionaire. But...Since they aren't really doing anything...

Espanola, New Mexico, United States #1223254

I just got an email from an Andrew Carter, SR Investigation Officer-Settlement Dept that I have an unpaid loan the email reads if once the case gets downloaded in the court it will add late payment fees, documentation fees, penalty fees, judge fees and attorney charges and court house fees which may go up to $3,589.27. If you would like to make a one-time payment to settle your account, we can waive all fees and freeze the existing cash advance thus taking your balance down from $880 to $321 and accepting $321 as a one-time final payment.

Now I just want to know that do you want to resolve this matter outside the court house or not. Reply me back immediately with your answer so I can move on further on the basis of your answer.

Thank you. I replied and asked when this loan was taking out was told they could not provide me with that info.

to Anonymous Hampton, Virginia, United States #1229259

I received a few nasty calls from piedmont Outsourcing saying we owed Ace Express 300.00 but it is now 3,000 and they are going to garnish bank accts and payroll..They are very fishy at the number when i have called to talk. I called Ace and they said we never borrowed money from them.

Which we already new. They also have husbands social and his new cell phone number..now how did they get that? I asked for them to send me a statement or bill in mail and they havent. They will settle with me for 154.00..NOPE..cause i dont owe it !

These scammers need shut down and punished!!! DO NOT send money and do not give them any information.

My calls came from a 757-941 number..and when i checked Piedmont Outsourcing it is in NJ from address on the docu sign they sent me. But i couldnt locate their info..

Cranford, New Jersey, United States #1221121

I called them told them to kiss my a@@ and hung up they called back and cussed me out but couldn't understand the language

to Anonymous #1360152

These people are either Pakis and. Muslims, or are Indians and Hindus.

You can tell by the accent.

*** Muslim/Hindu scammers. Call me a racist if you want, but these people are definite scam artists.

Rancho Cordova, California, United States #1220784

I have the same thing happening right now. They have my SS# and a old bank account HELP someone


Same here just received the same type of email. It was filled with numerous typos and was completely ridiculous.

I've had to put a an alert to the credit reports like Transunion to keep track of any suspicious activity. It all a SCAM!!!

Clementon, New Jersey, United States #1120695



I got this same email. It's definitely a scam.

DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM. I DID NOT GET A LOAN FROM THESE PEOPLE EITHER. THEY ARE LOOKING TO SCAM YOU. They need to get a real job like everyone else in this world.

Do not let them intimidate you. That's what they are good at.

Hope this was helpful and make you feel better. Take care


I just got the same email for the first time this morning, despite them saying "after sending several emails and we were not able to get hold of case file." I think it was meant to say they were not able to get hold of me, but then the grammar in the whole thing is so freaking laughable. This is obviously another off shore scam aimed at defrauding people out of money.

The thing is, I DID take out a couple of payday loans almost 10 years ago, that were repaid.

I live in California, where the statute of limitations on these types of loans is 4 years from the date of the first missed payment, so even if I DID take a loan with one of their companies, (funny, they list 3, but I have never heard of any of them & one would think if they were legit, they could tell me which company I took the loan from) the statute of limitations expired about 5-6 years ago.

Just by reading this, I can tell it's an off shore scam. Look at the language. NO legitimate business or lawyer would send out anything so poorly written and misspelled.

What DOES bother me is they have my Social Security number and bank name and routing number, although no account number. I WAS the victim of identity theft where my personal information was stolen through my cell provider, Verizon Wireless TWICE in 9 months and a former health insurance carrier, Blue Cross. I'm sure I received this as a result of that.

I would say that unless you have been the victim of identity theft, then go ahead and ignore it.

I'm going to report them to the Better Business Bureau, FBI and my state attorney general, only because of my identity already being compromised.

I just had someone fraudulently access my Amazon.com account and charge over $2000 in Kindle books. Still dealing with that. It's a shame that all this technology that is supposed to make our lives easier opens us up to all of this nefarious activity.

It just goes to show you the lengths criminals are willing to go to steal from people. Bottom line is...you can't be too careful. Just a final thought, I noticed that many of the posters said they were given a phone number to call. My demand for payment had no contact information other than to reply to the email.

If they were legitimately suing me, they would provide me court and attorney information as well as an address and phone number. I got none of that.

I did get a "Thanks for being our customer." Come on people. I was born at night...just not last night.

to Anonymous Arlington Heights, Illinois, United States #1207340

Sounds like you have a questionable history, are you allowed near schools? Get a second job at a burger joint so uou boyfriend doesn't ask for another three some dude.

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