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you all are trying to say that i owe you 900 some odd dollars and i never even got a loan from you. tying to threaten to sue me but be warned i don't go down without a fight i will sue the *** out of this company if they try anything like that with me and i don't care how long it takes me.

i will *** ya'll up.i read about all the scams going on with yall an i will be damned if you *** over me.i ant miss cindy candy girl, when i say im gonna *** yall up i mean it. i will take each and every one of yall down one by one.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ace Cash Express Loan.

Preferred solution: i will get an attorney.

I didn't like: Thieves, Lies.

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I just received an email stating I owe them 973.36. They are stated I'm going to court and things. I'm going to call and report this because the emails are very annoying and it's a scam.

New York, New York, United States #966494

Just got an email from them say I owe them money.

Coatesville, Pennsylvania, United States #926742

You are an ***

The email was not from ace.

It amazes me how someone can make up an email address, claim to be a company who they are not, and scam so many people. Stop slandering the name of a good company because you are being scammed and are to naive to look at who actually sent you the email and realize IT IS NOT ACE. It sounds like you would fall for that Nigerian prince scam email too.

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