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I went into a one those Ace Cash Expresses on Thursday to cash my paycheck.It was a bad last minute decison I will never make again.

Well, I needed to get a gift card type thing for a friend, so I loaded $200 on one their Net Spend cards. When I called to activate it, they tell me there is a block on it and I have to wait 24 hours for it to be removed. So when I call back today, more than 24 hours later, I am told there was a block on the card because I was not eligible to be a Net Spend customer. Whatever that means!

I could barely understand the person I was talking to ... you could tell he was EXTREMELY deliberate in his English by the way he spoke slowly and his pronunciation and definitely reading scripts! So, i ask how do I get the $200 back tht I loaded on the card? He says they have to cancel the card and send me a refund check.

I asked how long that would take. 60 days. WTH?

How much you want to bet I NEVER see that money again?I will keep you posted!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I was fraud out of &1,200.00 govcan someone get government checks and it effect my bill and school.I know how u feel.

I was told to reported them to the Finicial Regulator in your state.

It Identity there.FRAUD!!!!#!!,#####

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #947352

I promise you I will never buy or use a netspend card from Ace check cashing ever again.This card is a rip off.

The woman could not understand my issue when I asked to speak to a supervisor she put me on hold for 45 minutes never came back to the phone I was beyond pissssed. I decided to hang up take my loss and learn from my mistake to never us it again. I wish I would have never gotten the card it was free for the card as a promotion to pass them out the money I loaded was gone b4 I realized the issue. This card is a waste of time.

Keep your hard working dollars in your pocket, and not in theirs.I would like to apologize for your transaction and frustration with this situation.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #945992

I recently ordered a netspend card.I became married 4 days ago today.

My husband wasn't an authorized user on my account so I called to had him as a secondary card holder. I was then told by a rep that my husband had to verify personal information. He had to answer security questions to prove his identity.The rep sounded foreign hard to understand, very bad English.

He kept saying he couldn't understand her as she asked the questions.Then turns


well i have had them for 7 years no problems love netspend

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #787966

Say bye, bye to that money.If you went with NetSpend, they have it.

I keep getting random cards from prepaid card companies. They're just fake businesses wanting your money. Should have cashed your check at a bank or Walmart and sent it to a gift card. Least you will be talking to someone that's from the U.S.

and not China reading from a script.

I hate companies that read from a script, and it's very noticeable when they do. Talk about "experts" right?

The great thing I do when talking to a company (any company for that matter) is ask them something I know isn't in their script.It's fun waiting for them to find that question.

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