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Guy walked into ACE and said ,"how can I cash this girls checks?" Ace hands him App he selects my passwords ,My Pin, My security questions. He walks out with card. NetSpend on line direct deposit is filled out in my name. Guy brings My Company check taped to paper and writes"please deposits all VpEnterprises,Inc money into this account. and forged my name terribly 3 times. Now he takes my stolen rerouted ach bank deposit and Ace now puts my... Read more

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The CSR is trying to steal 3.00 / blackmail to replace stolen card; giving me no choice; I just hung up the phone after asking to speak to a supervisor and told "it might be a wait!" I am with Ace Check Cashing since 2006 and they told me that! Can you imagine how ignorant?! and they stole $ here (through the yrs.) and there from my old cards and lied and said do an online account and combine left over balances to one and it never happened after... Read more

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they sent me a email said I borrowed money and I never did they stole my info how do I get then to stop I already called the police and they are looking into it I need them to stop they are scarring me I never gave them my info I called them and the phone was busy they have been bothering for years and I never heard of the company the local police have had many calls and said that they are a scam and to call them again and they would take care... Read more

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I went into Ace Cash Express on Triskett Rd in Cleveland on Saturday to obtain a payday loan, as I sometimes need to do when my child support is late. The rep there, Bonna, asked me how much I wanted to borrow. I told her that it all depended on when the loan would be due, as I get paid from my job on Thursday (if a loan is paid during a certain period of time, no interest would be required). She told me that - if I paid the loan by Thursday, I... Read more

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My husband is getting harassing phone calls from an Ace Cash Express out of Roseburg, Oregon. They claim that I have an appointment and a title loan on a car that I don't even have. They claim I made an appointment and that they don't have my number so they are calling my husbands phone. Why if I made a 'so call' appointment would they not know my number. They know my name, but have my middle name wrong. He tried to call back and ask for a... Read more

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I borrow only $540.00 they trying to charge me $1659.20. They are collecting $332.64 a month until January 15,2017. I have turn it over to channel 8 they are checking it out. This is my first time getting a loan since 2011. My co-worker borrow $900 and is only paying back 1,100. They are over charge for my loan. I was told by my lawyer not to pay anything back until the fix the amount.

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Ace elite cards are the worst. Someone stole my money in another state and overdrawn my account.. Some of there workers have bad attitudes and hang up in your face when you ask for a supervisor. After 3 people i got in contact with there supervisor who wanted to give me a $25 dollar credit when they took over $100 and overdraft my account. This is the second time it has happened and from the way Ms. Julz the supervisor was talking its going to... Read more

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I'm at ace now and they are very rude and noisy I went in to cash a personal ck from my Family out of town they told me. They had to ck with the bank to see if three times the money was available. It was, then they told me I shouldn't had them deposit it in my account instead. Then they tell me the ck is too much. So let them call there manager to see if they can still cash it. So then I ask them for there supervisor Num or there Corp Num. Then... Read more

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i also got an email with my name ss# and bank info! how the heck did they get my info? i never took a loan with them! also, they stated they have ways of tracking my IP address and will stop at nothing to get their money. wth?? "We are talking about the loan that you took with the company due to penalty charges, interest charges and attorney charges the amount rises up to $1050.50, and they do have a signed copy of the contract which is signed... Read more

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Ace cash express is a rip off i thought i was getting a loan for 4000 dollars i never received anything i had to purchase a apple iTunes card for 120 dollars for verification and then they would release the money that was a lie john smith is the guy i talked too and then he told me oh the was verified u have to spend another 25 dollars for a google play card to receive like a dummy i do it and then he tells me i cant verify this number now im... Read more

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